What is Your Personal Injury Case Worth?


No attorney can accurately tell you what your personal injury case is worth.  If they tell you how much your personal injury case is worth at the initial consultation beware.

Palm Bay personal injury attorney Renee Dial

Palm Bay personal injury attorney Renee Dial

By: Renee Dial

There are a lot of factors that affect the value of your claim.  At an initial consult we would typically discuss the process of evaluation and filing your personal injury claim.  One of the main factors we have to look at is whether there is coverage to compensate you for your injuries.

Coverage comes in all forms.  I explained coverage in one of my earlier discussions.  Click this link.  Coverage is important as most defendants do not have the money to pay out on a claim. The defendant may have a nice home and retirement accounts but most of those are untouchable under Florida law.  Read More. Another worry is that the defendant will file for bankruptcy if that happens it is likely the claim will be discarded by the court. This is a concern as the attorney will often have thousands of dollars that was advanced into the claim.  A lawsuit can be filed, you may win at trial, the jury may award hundreds of thousands of dollars, but the problem is collecting on the judgement. In the end you may have an expensive piece of paper.

If there is coverage then your injuries will have to be evaluated.  Typically your treating doctor will have MRIs done on any of the suspected areas of your body.  It is extremely important to tell your doctor about any areas of your body that are painful or have a feeling of numbness.  This information helps your doctor zero in on the injured area.  Once insurance coverage has been established and diagnostic imaging is complete your claim will start to take shape.

Unfortunately, the big box firms you see on TV lead persons, injured in auto accidents, to believe that every claim is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.  This is far from the truth.  In order to get hundreds of thousands in settlement or jury verdict you have to have serious injuries and maybe require surgery.  They also want you to believe that you are making a mistake by not bringing the claim to them as they are the only ones with the money to fight insurance companies.  Most claims never see litigation and even fewer claims see the inside of a courtroom.

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