What Does My PIP Insurance Cover?


What Jeff NuckolsDoes My PIP Insurance Cover?

By: Jeffrey R. Nuckols, Esq.

You live in Florida and have PIP auto insurance, but you might ask, “What does my PIP cover?” You might be surprised to learn who is among those covered by PIP in Florida pursuant to the 2014 Florida Statutes. Or maybe you might be surprised to learn of a particular category of persons not covered. Read on.

As you read this, bear in mind that Florida law permits exclusions and limitations regarding PIP insurance. You should consult with an attorney or your insurance professional to ascertain what protections your particular policy of insurance provides and does not provide.

You probably already knew that your PIP provides protection to you as the named insured, but did you know that it may also protect relatives residing in your household and others struck by the insured motor vehicle and suffering bodily injury while not an occupant of a self-propelled vehicle?

Notice that last category and the requirement that the person not be an occupant of a self-propelled vehicle. If you are a pedestrian or bicyclist (no self-propelled vehicle) who has no PIP of your own because, perhaps, you neither own a car nor live in a household with a relative who has PIP, and you are struck and injured by someone else’s Florida insured vehicle in Florida, that someone else’s PIP will likely extend protection to you. If, on the other hand, you, still without your own PIP for the reasons above, are unlucky enough to be an occupant in a self-propelled vehicle that is struck by someone else’s Florida insured vehicle so that you are injured by the collision, and the self-propelled vehicle in which you were riding did not have PIP insurance (maybe you were riding with your out of state relative in his car that he drove down from another state that does not require PIP), then that someone else’s PIP will likely not extend protection to you.

Why is there a difference in the extension of PIP depending on whether the hapless injured is riding in a self-propelled vehicle? The answer to that question lies in the minds of the legislators who drafted the statute. It could be a mere oversight, though, that leaves unprotected a Florida citizen who has no PIP coverage of his own or through a relative in the same household, but who is unlucky enough to be injured in a collision when he is riding in a car that innocently lacks PIP insurance because it is, for example, visiting from a state that does not require PIP, and that car is struck by another car that does have Florida PIP. That might be worth mentioning to your state representative as a suggested area of improvement of Florida’s PIP statute.

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