Was I injured in an Auto Collision?

Personal Injury Attorney Renee Dial

Personal Injury Attorney Renee Dial

By: Renee Dial

Was I injured in a crash? I was watching the Tonight Show and Jimmy Fallon mentioned the collision between the beer truck and the Frito Lay truck.  A quick search of the internet and multiple websites and this collision was news gold! “Beer Truck Collides with Chip Truck, Making Frat Boy Dreams Come True”.  To place everyone at ease these reporters always mention that no one was injured.  My train of thought, as a personal injury attorney, is always what do they mean by “not injured.”

What do most people consider an injury “at the scene”? This is an easy question for me to answer but not so easy for many others.  It seems, that their definition is that you are not injured in a crash if you do not have broken bones extruding through the skin or that you were not incapacitated at the scene. Click Here to Read More.

Recently I was in court and the police officer that arrived on the scene of my client’s car collision argued that my client was not injured as they were walking around at the scene. What? So because they are able to walk around at the scene means that they are not injured?!  My client suffered multiple injuries as a result of the other driver’s negligence.  My first question for the officer is where did he receive his medical degree?  I sometimes hear this ridiculous argument from the insurance company’s adjuster.  One adjuster even told me that their mechanic looked at the car and told her that “there was no way anyone was injured in that accident.”

Unfortunately, we deal with these arguments day in and day out click the link for a Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Report.  Most people wait several days to seek medical treatment as it takes several days for the soreness to set in.  If you have stiffness and soreness after an accident SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION to confirm that you are or are not injured.

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