The Most Dangerous Intersections in Melbourne and Palm Bay!

Palm Bay personal injury attorney Renee Dial

Palm Bay Personal Injury Attorney Renee Dial

The most dangerous intersections in Melbourne and Palm Bay!

By: Renee Dial

In 2014 Brevard County ranked fourth in the State for aggressive drivers according to Florida Department of Transportation data.  What that means for you is that you must be even more vigilant when on the roadways.  Before moving forward when a light turns green I always check to make sure that the vehicles that have the red light have stopped or are at least slowing down. Read More I also leave myself an out when stopped at a red light.  What I mean by this is that I leave enough space in front of me to get out of the way if a vehicle is about to collide with my pickup truck from the rear.

We all have that car that is bobbing and weaving through traffic and we think to ourselves that this person is going to kill someone or at least get into a wreck.  One of the more dangerous intersections in Melbourne is the intersection of Eau Gallie Boulevard and US1.  Since it is such a busy intersection commuters are always trying to get through it as fast as possible.

Another intersection that has its own share of accident is Palm Bay Road and Hollywood Boulevard.  If you just sit there during rush hour you are almost guaranteed to see an accident.  I am also noticing that more and more drivers are choosing to not file accident reports because they do not want to wait for FHP to arrive hours later.  I highly recommend against this as the accident report contains a lot of information necessary to process a claim for the damage to your car or any personal injury to you or your passengers.

Be safe on the roads, pay attention to other drivers, and know what intersections to avoid!

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