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Personal Injury Lawyer Jeff Nuckols

Personal Injury Lawyer Jeff Nuckols

Pro Bono Service

By Jeffrey R. Nuckols, Esq.

Lawyers in Florida are encouraged to employ some of their resources to improve access to legal services for underserved people. One of the ways that lawyers do that is through pro bono service where the lawyer provides some legal service without charge or even at a reduced charge. That’s an example of using the resources of training and experience. Sometimes lawyers do it through giving financial resources toward improving access to legal service, and that’s an example of using financial resources. Click here to read more.

Talking about providing legal services pro bono, I recently had a conversation with someone who opined that serving clients pro bono by volunteering to serve legal aid clients could lead to serving clients who might be less deserving. The person further implied that choosing pro bono clients as referred by friends, for example, might present better opportunities for pro bono service. While I commend the individual for providing service pro bono for clients from whatever source that person chooses, my experience is that legal aid presents good pro bono opportunities to serve folks who may have nowhere else to turn.

Last week I obtained a good result for a legal aid client. My client was thrilled, and thanked me for my work so far. Without giving details, let me say that my client is being oppressed and lacks the resources to hire a lawyer. This client – one from legal aid – is the very definition of a deserving client, contrary to the opinion of my friend in the paragraph above.

I encourage lawyers to support organizations that improve access to legal services for folks who have little access otherwise. If you are a lawyer with a skill that a client of one of those organizations needs, think about volunteering your service. It can be rewarding.

What does pro bono mean, anyway? Well, it is a shortened version of a Latin phrase “pro bono publico.” That phrase means “for the good of the public,” or said differently, “for the public good.”

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