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By: Renee L. Dial, Esq.

I know it sounds like we sell insurance sometimes but we just want to make sure you are covered if you are ever involved in an accident.  Most new clients are surprised when I sit down and explain their policy and how their coverage provides benefits to them.

It is all too easy to go online and click on a few boxes to select your insurance.  You click a box and your monthly payment goes up so you deselect the box to make the amount go down.  Purchasing insurance this way is easy but probably not the best as there is not an agent there to explain what coverage you should purchase for the way you live.  Most motorcycle owners do not know their their stacked uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance may cover them if they are struck by an automobile.

Most are even more surprised when they find out that the at-fault driver does not have bodily injury insurance and they are now forced to pay for their own medical bills above what PIP does not cover because they did not purchase UM insurance.

Before deselecting or choosing not to click on the box call my office to discuss what coverage you need to protect you and your family or call your insurance agent and ask them to fully explain what the various types of insurance are and how they protect you.

Call and have your questions answered by an attorney that understands bicycle accidentsautomobile and motorcycle accidents in MelbournePalm BayPatrick Air Force BaseCocoa, and the beaches. If you have any questions regarding insurance coverage and auto or motorcycle accidents please do not hesitate to Renee Dial at (321) 329-5449 and press 1 or 4 for new clients.

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