I Was Hit by an Uninsured Driver While Riding my Bicycle Now What?

Personal Injury Attorney Renee Dial

Personal Injury Attorney Renee Dial

What if I am Hit by an Uninsured Driver While Riding My Bicycle?  Who Pays for my Expenses?

By: Renee Dial

All too often a case comes along where a client was walking or riding a bike and gets hit by a car.  Medical bills pile up as PIP pays 80% of the medical bills up to $10,000 minus the deductible. Now the client is taken to the emergency room by ambulance and receives treatment and the medical bills easily exceed the limits of the PIP policy.  The client is now responsible for the remaining balance.  The client is hit and injured by a car through no fault of their own and now they owe medical bills.

Typically, your personal injury lawyer would submit a demand consisting of the client’s injuries, medical expenses, and any other factors that are necessary to present the claim. Click here to read more.The problem comes when the driver of the vehicle does not have bodily injury insurance or no insurance at all that would provide coverage for your injuries and medical expenses.

According to the Insurance Research Council of Florida drivers are uninsured.  This is a large number and an even larger number when we consider the number of drivers that have very little coverage.  The reason I mention all of this is that the only way to protect yourself and your family from this situation is to purchase uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage through your auto insurance company.  If you, your children, or other members of your household are injured by an uninsured driver your UM coverage will provide benefits. Yes, even though you are not in your car your car insurance will provide benefits.  Stacked UM coverage follows the insured and not the driver the same as your PIP insurance.

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