How Do I Pay For Crash Damage To My Car?


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How Do I Pay For Crash Damage To My Car?

By Jeffrey R. Nuckols, Esq.

You’ve been in a car crash and your car needs repair. How do you pay for the repairs that your car needs? Let’s assume that your car is not so badly damaged that it is a total loss and repairs are not in its future. There may be more than one way to pay for those repairs depending on the circumstances of the car crash and the different insurance coverage that may be available. Click the title to read more.Let’s think about the situation when the circumstances of the car crash are least likely to affect the availability of money to pay for the repairs. That is probably the situation when you have your own insurance to cover repairs for damage to your own car. Sometimes folks refer to that insurance as comp and collision coverage. That kind of coverage will probably pay for the repairs to your damaged car regardless of who caused the damage. If that kind of coverage applies to the damage to your car, it can help expedite the repairs because you work with your insurance company and not someone else’s. You might have to pay a deductible out of pocket, though.

By the way, sometimes folks refer to comp and collision insurance as “full coverage,” but that insurance coverage by itself is anything but “full.” That’s a topic for another post, but if you think you have full coverage, make certain that you have the various kinds of insurance coverage that you think you have and you need to have.

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