How Do I Pay For Crash Damage To My Car? Part III

Personal Injury Lawyer Jeff Nuckols

Personal Injury Lawyer Jeff Nuckols

How Do I Pay For Crash Damage To My Car? Part III

By Jeffrey R. Nuckols, Esq.

You’ve been in a car crash and your car has been repaired. Is your car worth less because it’s been in an accident? It might be. Click here to read more.

You’ve probably heard of the car research sites like CARFAX ( and AutoCheck ( If you’ve ever checked a car’s history on a site like those, you may have noticed that the report for the car may include collision information. Whether the car has been in a collision may affect its value, so collision and repair is sometimes reflected in the car history.

On the Kelley Blue Book (KBB) web site (, you can check the value of your car. If you look at the KBB condition questions at (search the KBB web site for “condition quiz” if that link no longer works) you’ll see some questions about collision repairs like paint or bodywork and frame and unibody repairs. That is because collision information makes a difference for the value of your car. If the accident damage required substantial repairs, then the car’s value is probably lower than before the accident – how much lower depends on the age of the car, its value before the accident, and other factors.

What do you do about that loss of value? That’s a topic of another post.

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