How Do I Pay For Crash Damage To My Car? Part II

Personal Injury Lawyer Jeff Nuckols

Personal Injury Lawyer Jeff Nuckols

How Do I Pay For Crash Damage To My Car? Part II

By Jeffrey R. Nuckols, Esq.

You’ve been in a car crash and your car needs repair. How do you pay for the repairs that your car needs? Let’s assume that your car is not so badly damaged that it is a total loss and repairs are not in its future. There may be more than one way to pay for those repairs depending on the circumstances of the car crash and the different insurance coverage that may be available. Click the title above to read more.

Last week we talked about when you have your own insurance to cover the cost of repairs to your car. This week, let’s talk about when you have to look to the at-fault driver’s property damage liability insurance to pay for the cost of repairs.

Loosely speaking, Florida law requires a minimum of $10,000 of insurance to pay for damage to someone else’s property – like your car. That might not be enough if your late model car is totaled, and not everyone on the road has the necessary insurance, so you might want to consider buying your own insurance to cover damage to your car. Let’s assume that there is insurance, so get the other driver’s insurance information if your car gets hit.

If you intend to pursue the other driver’s insurance for your car repairs, you might check with an attorney to help you navigate the process. You might try to handle it on your own, though, so you would call the other driver’s insurance company to report the crash. If everything goes well, they will set up a claim and arrange for someone to estimate the repairs necessary to fix your car.

You will not pay a deductible like you probably would with your own comp and collision insurance. Sometimes the other driver’s insurance will even provide you with a rental car for a few days while your car gets fixed.

Now your car is fixed, but is it worth less because it’s been wrecked? We’ll talk about that in a future article..

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