RLDCalculating property damage and how to get the proper valuation of your claim should be easy.

By: Renee L. Dial, Esquire

In the past and for the most part today insurance companies will evaluate your property damage claim fairly after an auto accident.  In a prior article I discussed who should pay for your property damage claim.  However, in the past year, I have worked on files for several clients in which the insurance company fights over the proper valuation of the damages to their vehicle after a car accident.  One adjuster even argued that the client was a percentage at fault, when they clearly were not, in an attempt to get the client to accept almost nothing for their vehicle. Generally the insurance company will declare your vehicle a total loss if the repairs meet or exceed 80% of the value of your vehicle.  What that means is that if you have an older car even minor damage can mean that your car is a total loss.  Most people that take care of their cars can have a car that is valued at $1,500 and be in excellent condition and now they are forced to find another $1,500 car and hope that it is in the same condition. As mentioned before most insurance companies are pretty good about paying the claim for what the vehicle is worth.  This amount is typically calculated by taking the replacement cost of a number of vehicles in your area and increasing or deducting for the condition of your vehicle.  If you do not think the insurance company is being just gather comparable costs for vehicles being sold in your area and send them to the adjuster.  Most often when the value comes in too low the adjuster did not know about special features on your vehicle and calling the adjuster will clear the issue up. If you purchased new tires or had recent work done submit those receipts along to the adjuster and they normally will take that into account increasing the value of your car.  Along with the value of your car you should receive the tag and title transfer fees and sales tax from the insurance company.  Some insurance companies will not pay the sales tax until you submit the bill reflecting proof of purchase.  Of course this depends on the insurance company. If you have been involved in an auto accident and have questions in Melbourne, Palm Bay, Cocoa, Satellite Beach, or Patrick Air Force Base contact personal injury attorney Renee L. Dial for a free consultation. If you have any questions regarding insurance coverage and auto or motorcycle accidents please do not hesitate to contact DKN Legal attorney at (321) 329-5449.  Press 4 for new clients.

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