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Aisha S. White

Has your marriage unfortunately reached the end of the road?  If so, then it may be time for you to finally file for divorce.  In Florida, a divorce can be granted for the following reasons only: irreconcilable differences or mental incapacity (must be mentally incapacitated for the past 3 years). READ MORE


In Florida, both parents have a duty to support their child (children).  Child support guidelines are governed by Fla. Stat. §61.30. Read More


Are you the Father of a child that was born out of wedlock, and you have never established paternity in the court system?  Are you at the mercy of the other parent when it comes to seeing your child and planning activities with your child? Read More


Do you need to setup a timesharing schedule aka “visitation” schedule with the parent of your child?  Are you tired of being at the mercy of your child’s parent when it comes to scheduling visitation time with your child? Read More


Is your current parenting plan/timesharing schedule just not working anymore, and you cannot resolve the situation with the other parent?  Has your financial situation or the financial situation of the other parent improved or unfortunately downgraded?   If so, then you need to speak to a lawyer to discuss your specific situation.  In order to be granted a modification of an existing order, you must prove a “substantial change in circumstances”.  In order to modify a parenting plan/timesharing schedule, this change must be substantial, material and unanticipated, and the modification must be in the best interest of the child (see Fla. Stat. §61.13.)

In order to request a modification of an existing child support order, the difference between the current monthly obligation and the amount provided for under the guidelines shall be at least 15 percent or $50, before the court may find that a substantial change in circumstances exists.

Proving a substantial change in circumstances can be very confusing for a layperson, please contact our firm at 321-329-5449  ext 6 to schedule a consultation today.

All materials have been prepared for general information purposes only to permit you to learn more about our firm, our services and the experience of our attorneys.  The information presented is not legal advice, is not to be acted on as such, may not be current and is subject to change without notice.  

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