What is Comparative Fault and How Does it Impact my Melbourne, Florida Auto Accident


What is comparative fault and how does it impact my auto accident or motorcycle accident claim?

Palm Bay motorcycle accident attorney Renee Dial

Palm Bay motorcycle accident attorney Renee Dial

By: Renee Dial

States vary on their versions of fault, however, Florida is a pure comparative fault state.  What this means is that you and the other party can both be at fault for an accident and your percentage of fault reduces your recovery.

Florida statute 768.81

“(2) EFFECT OF CONTRIBUTORY FAULT.—In a negligence action, contributory fault chargeable to the claimant diminishes proportionately the amount awarded as economic and noneconomic damages for an injury attributable to the claimant’s contributory fault, but does not bar recovery.

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(3) APPORTIONMENT OF DAMAGES.—In a negligence action, the court shall enter judgment against each party liable on the basis of such party’s percentage of fault and not on the basis of the doctrine of joint and several liability.”

So if you were involved in an accident and a jury finds that you are 40% at fault you may be able to recover 60% of your injuries from the other party.  So if your injuries were assessed to be $10,000 you would be able to recover $6,000 from the other party.

Now the other party can recover from you as well minus their percentage of fault.  So in the above scenario the other party is deemed 60% at fault they would be able to recover 40% from you.  Let’s say that their injuries are $20,000. That party would be able to recover $8,000 from you.

Most often an injured party thinks that they are filing suit against the other party when most often a claim is presented to the other party’s insurance company.  At this stage the insurance adjuster will argue more fault on you and it is up to your attorney to either persuade the adjuster or file suit on your behalf.

Here is a great Florida Bar article on comparative fault.

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