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The Most Dangerous Intersections in Melbourne and Palm Bay!

Palm Bay personal injury attorney Renee Dial

Palm Bay Personal Injury Attorney Renee Dial

The most dangerous intersections in Melbourne and Palm Bay!

By: Renee Dial

In 2014 Brevard County ranked fourth in the State for aggressive drivers according to Florida Department of Transportation data.  What that means for you is that you must be even more vigilant when on the roadways.  Before moving forward when a light turns green I always check to make sure that the vehicles that have the red light have stopped or are at least slowing down. Read More

I was injured in an auto accident in someone else’s car!


Aisha WhiteI was injured in an auto accident in someone else’s car.  I don’t own a vehicle, so who is going to pay for my medical treatment?

By: Aisha White

In Florida, those of us who own vehicles know that Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is a coverage that we are required to purchase.  This coverage is a very important coverage because it provides insurance coverage for medical treatment, loss of income/services, and death benefits due to an auto accident (see Florida Statute 627.736).  This coverage is extremely important for people injured in auto accidents, because it provides coverage for medical treatment, loss of income, and death benefits too (subject to specific statutory and policy requirements.) Read more click here.

I Was Hit by an Uninsured Driver While Riding my Bicycle Now What?

Personal Injury Attorney Renee Dial

Personal Injury Attorney Renee Dial

What if I am Hit by an Uninsured Driver While Riding My Bicycle?  Who Pays for my Expenses?

By: Renee Dial

All too often a case comes along where a client was walking or riding a bike and gets hit by a car.  Medical bills pile up as PIP pays 80% of the medical bills up to $10,000 minus the deductible. Now the client is taken to the emergency room by ambulance and receives treatment and the medical bills easily exceed the limits of the PIP policy.  The client is now responsible for the remaining balance.  The client is hit and injured by a car through no fault of their own and now they owe medical bills.

Typically, your personal injury lawyer would submit a demand consisting of the client’s injuries, medical expenses, and any other factors that are necessary to present the claim. Click here to read more.

If a Stolen Car Hits You Who is Responsible?

Personal Injury Attorney Renee Dial

Personal Injury Attorney Renee Dial

If a stolen car hits you who is responsible?

By: Renee Dial

Auto insurance is one of those things that we never think about until we need it.  Recently a car was stolen after a home invasion and the occupants fled after a 130mph chase in Melbourne, Florida near Pineda Causeway. Who would pay for your property damage and medical bills if you were involved in an accident with this vehicle? Click here to read more.

What Does My PIP Insurance Cover?


What Jeff NuckolsDoes My PIP Insurance Cover?

By: Jeffrey R. Nuckols, Esq.

You live in Florida and have PIP auto insurance, but you might ask, “What does my PIP cover?” You might be surprised to learn who is among those covered by PIP in Florida pursuant to the 2014 Florida Statutes. Or maybe you might be surprised to learn of a particular category of persons not covered. Read on.



3Have you been injured in an auto, motorcycle, or bicycle accident and need to know what your coverage means?  What is full coverage?

By: Renee L. Dial, Esq.

We all have heard someone state that they have full coverage when asked about their automobile insurance policy.  What exactly is full coverage?  I can honestly say I have no idea.  I know what coverage my clients need to protect themselves.



RLDEvery attorney wants to have a successful practice.

By: Renee L. Dial, Esquire

At DKN Legal our attorneys are members of the Space Coast community.  Some of your parents have been our teachers, your children are classmates with our children, and our families work in the same offices with your families.  Myself, Joe, and Jeff stay very active in our communities whether it’s participating in church activities, volunteering at our children’s schools, or volunteering for other organizations in our neighborhoods.  We strive to make our communities places we want to live.

I say all of this because we work and live in your community.  Our office is near locations Logothat most of you frequent and we encourage all of our clients to stop by our office and chat whenever they have questions.  When we represent persons injured in auto accidents we know the locations because we pass by those same spots every day.

I attended Harbor City Elementary, Stone Junior High School, and Palm Bay High School.  I received my AA degree from Keiser University on Babcock Street, my bachelors from the Palm Bay and Cocoa UCF campuses, and my juris doctorate from the Florida A&M College of Law in Orlando, Florida.

Being able to practice law and represent our friends and their families in our community is a true honor.  If you have any questions regarding an auto accident, personal injury, estate planning, or family law please do not hesitate to contact myself or Jeff Nuckols for a free telephone consultation.  DKN Legal “Your Community Your Attorneys”

If you have questions regarding bicycle accidentsautomobile and motorcycle accidents in MelbournePalm BayPatrick Air Force BaseCocoa, and the beaches. Or if you have any questions regarding insurance coverage on your auto or motorcycle please do not hesitate to contact Renee L. Dial or another DKN Legal attorney at (321) 329-5449.  Press 4 for new clients.





RLDProperty Damage resulting from an auto accident can be confusing and who should pay for the damages is even more confusing.

By: Renee Dial, Esquire

Property Damage to your vehicle should be covered by the at fault party’s insurance.  However, all too often the person does not have insurance or minimal property damage insurance after an auto accident.